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5 Facts Your Boss Should Know About Interactive Spare Parts Catalogs


Different sources for catalogue data

Do you consider using an interactive spare parts catalog? In addition, you need arguments to convince your supervisor. With the help of PARTS-PUBLISHER, we will provide facts and numbers to support you. 

Good to know: An interactive spare parts catalog supports service technicians as well as your customers and service hotline. Whatever industry your company is belonging to, an interactive spare parts catalog supports all, whether it is mechanical engineering, plant engineering, vehicle construction, component manufacturing or equipment manufacturing.

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Fact 1: 40 % less costs for creating spare parts catalogs

An investment in an interactive spare parts catalog pays off in particular during the creation process of catalogs. For example, PARTS-PUBLISHER is a software that creates catalogs on demand.

The scenario: You need immediately an up-to-date spare parts catalog with user-specific data. You will get one by a mouse click! That saves time and costs. As reference, an electro company reduced their costs for creating spare parts catalogs with PARTS-PUBLISHER by 40%. In addition, they increased the amount of produced catalogs by 100%.

Fact 2: 367% optimized efficiency with maximum gain of time!

A leading manufacturer of construction and special machinery increased their efficiency of producing catalogs by 367% with the use of the interactive spare parts catalog. Before, the company created about 300 print catalogs throughout the year in a costly and time-consuming process. The production of a catalog took several weeks.

With the help of PARTS-PUBLISHER and a smooth integration in the existing system environment, they publish on demand over 1100 catalogs a year. The expenditure of time to create an offline catalog on CD or USB : a maximum of 15 minutes! That saves not only costs but also time!

One source for different media

Fact 3: 100% more online catalogs

A component manufacturer with over 3000 employees doubled their amount of brand and Internet catalogs. An interactive spare parts catalog guarantees faster catalog updates, for this reason a saving of time by automated data checks and catalog updates.

The electro and heater manufacturer determined an increase of quality and quantity within the catalog production. Throughout the year, a catalog update is carried out 6 times more often than before.

Fact 4: Better identification relieves service hotline:

20 % less incorrect orders – 30% less telephone calls

The interactive spare parts catalog software PARTS-PUBLISHER has an easy navigation and enables a visual display of assembly groups, spare parts and schematics. Simple usability and visualisation enables an easy identification of needed parts. A European constructor of utility vehicles was able to record a decrease of 20 % of incorrect orders, by using the catalog software. The achieved relief of service and order hotline increased the company’s service quality noticeably.

Parallel to the dropping number of incorrect orders, a decline of 30% of order hotline calls were detected, due to the use of PARTS-PUBLISHER. The conclusion of the constructor: There are less enquiries as a result of clearer and up-to-date information.

Service ingenieur

Fact 5: 20% less time expenditure for order processing

Because of the availability of an interactive catalogue system, spare parts are easier to identify and faster to find. At the same time, a simplified and faster process for spare parts orders, accelerated delivery and prevention of incorrect orders is provided. In addition, the catalog is available 24/7, that strengthens the customer relationship and stimulates the turnover. A known vehicle constructor reduced the time expenditure for order processing by 20%, with the help of PARTS-PUBLISHER.

It is quite simple: easy identification – fast delivery – correct order

We are Quanos

Since the beginning of 2020, the two leading providers of software for digital spare parts catalogs and service information systems - Docware and TID Informatik - have been operating jointly on the market. With the merger of the two companies to form Quanos Service Solutions, the product portfolio is also growing:

Our new product highlight combines the strengths of CATALOGcreator® and PARTS-PUBLISHER. It contains the best of both worlds.

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