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3 Advantages of a 3D Spare Parts Catalog for Users


3D spare parts catalog

In manufacturing companies, 3D models generated in CAD systems for the design of machines, equipment or plants offer considerable potential for further use in other departments of the company. Therefore, "low hanging fruit" are 3D service or spare parts catalogs that can be generated automatically. But why should you use 3D spare parts catalogs and what advantage does it bring to the users of your digital catalog?

In this article, we present the main advantages that 3D data in spare parts catalogs offer to customers, service technicians, after sales managers, support staff or dealers.

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1. Advantage: 3D views are intuitively understandable

A fundamental advantage of 3D data in a spare parts catalog is that 3D models provide a lifelike representation of an assembly or component. Therefore, 3D views of a product are for us humans easier to understand than 2D graphics. Users of your digital spare parts catalog will find it much easier to visualize a complex assembly or machine using a 3D model.


2. Advantage: 3D data is informative

When 3D data is displayed in the digital spare parts catalog, users of your catalog can see and understand the shape and geometry of the part or the entire assembly. This makes it much easier to identify the spare part they need. The entire assembly structure can also be easily visualized using 3D data. Additional information, such as metadata or explanatory notes, can be displayed directly next to the part. This offers considerable added value for your customers, dealers, service technicians, support staff or after sales managers.

In addition, animations of the 3D data can be created for illustration purposes and displayed directly in the electronic spare parts catalog. These can be used for assembly and repair instructions, for example. A major advantage is that the animations do not require any language at all and can, therefore, be generated in a language-neutral manner. This is a considerable added value, especially for companies operating internationally, as no translation effort is required.

3. Advantage: 3D models in the spare parts catalog are interactive

Users of your digital spare parts catalog can interact with 3D models: They can rotate them and their components. Individual parts can be focused on, zoomed in continuously, faded in and out, or displayed transparently. Compared to a 2D graphic, a 3D model allows you to see inside an assembly. This is especially important when looking for a spare part that is located in an area of an assembly that is not visible from the outside.

Conclusion: A 3D spare parts catalog offers your customers, service technicians, after sales managers and support staff considerable added value

By now, the technology has matured to the point where users of your digital spare parts catalog can use the 3D data directly and without a required plug-in, independent of browser and platform - and on any device. 3D spare parts catalogs are thus a powerful tool that improves the quality of your after-sales service and significantly boosts spare parts sales.

After all, using a 3D spare parts catalog is fun and ensures that users can quickly identify the information they need. Thus, it delivers significant added value to your customers and internal users.

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Success Stories from the Field

This is how our customers do it

Special machine manufacturer Komptech relies on electronic 3D spare parts catalogs for its services. The company generates further benefits with 3D catalogs for internal operations, such as assembly and production, as CATALOGcreator® serves as a central information portal for the machines.

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