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Advantages of Networked Information in the Service Information System


Intelligently Connect Information

It is important that service knowledge is always available. With increasingly complex machines and different sources of information, this is a challenge. Products are becoming more and more complex, so you need a system that provides the knowledge you are looking for regarding these products, preferably in real time.
The fact that information must be digitalized is already well established in our minds.

But digitization alone is no longer enough! Because even in digital form, the right information must first be found. For this, the information must be intelligently connected with each other.

What you need is an intelligently linked service information system.

intelligently connected information

Advantages for the service technician

The service technician is responsible for the quick resolution of disruptions at the customer's site.
The technician often has to travel long distances to reach the customer.

In most cases, the technician finds out which spare parts and tools he needs before arriving at the customer's site. In addition, repairs and analyses require more specialized knowledge and information, such as plan-based data or best practices from a knowledge database, which are important in the service process. As a result, he avoids having to take several visits to the customer's site. To do this, he needs exactly the right information at a glance even before starting to repair the machine.
This is where intelligent networking of information comes into play.

Whereas the service technician previously had to know what to look for and, above all, in which system, he now receives the relevant information in a single system at just the places where it is needed. The service technician is not overwhelmed by all the information, but receives only the information that is relevant for him at that moment thanks to the intelligent linking in the background.
When he needs to repair a machine, he enters a relevant keyword and receives suggestions that match it. Such as best practices on how this problem was best solved in the past.
As a result, the service technician has exactly the information he needs for a quick repair at any time.

At a glance:

  • All service-relevant information in one central access point.
  • Knowledge is available 24/ 7
  • Minimized time expenditure
  • Fast troubleshooting

Find here further advantages of a service information system for service technicians.

Advantages for the maintenance technician

The maintenance technician is responsible for ensuring that the plant or machine is running continuously.

Search Field Maintenance Technician

In doing so, the maintenance technician organizes and carries out the repairs, inspections, maintenance, calibrations and modifications, eliminates faults and documents them.
It is particularly important to have exactly the right knowledge available here to maintain these machines carefully and quickly.
If a maintenance technician has to maintain a machine, he needs all the information available, such as instructions, special features of the machine, and so on. At that moment, however, he does not need to know how to fix a malfunction on the machine.

Through the semantic search, which also recognizes the meaning of a search query, as well as the networked information, he can search specifically for the maintenance process he is about to complete and see at a glance the matching knowledge available to perform the maintenance.

At a glance:

  • All service-relevant information at a central access point.
  • As much as necessary, as little as possible!
  • Minimized time expenditure

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Benefits for the support manager

A support employee is responsible for resolving problems, such as disruptions on machines and equipment, as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of the customer.


These processes usually take place over the phone, which is why it is especially important for the support staff to get the right information at the right place.
A support employee often does not need all the information that is available about the machine. Here it is important that he gets the information that is relevant for him at that moment.

  •  As much information as necessary. As little as possible!
  • Customer-specific information at a glance
  • No large effort of time, due to the filtering of unnecessary data
  • All service-relevant information at one central access point
  • Faster handling of support cases

In summary, all information is available for the right user at exactly the right place, thanks to the smart linking of data.

Find out more about the intelligent networking and provision of digital information in after-sales here.


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