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Do You Know, How a Spare Parts Catalog Supports Your After-Sales?


Spare parts catalogs for manufacturers

One thing is certain, no matter whether your company manufactures machines and offers spare parts and maintenance kits to its customers or is an operator of machines and plants who needs spare parts for maintenance, the aftersales department is an integral part of the daily business. Reports from recent years show that the service business is essential for the success of a company.

The advanteges of an spare parts catalog

Aftersales not only consists of sales and maintenance of spare parts. A good preparation of parts information and distribution is indispensable.

The interaction of both tasks is reflected in the spare parts catalog. Which has to be filled with data and distributed to the users in order to enable an error-free identification and ordering of the spare parts.

Today we would like to show the creators of spare parts catalogs how we can best support YOU.  

As a catalog creator, you would like to be able to create and publish catalogues in the shortest period of time  and with the least effort possible. In doing so, you will encounter the same challenges again and again. You have to request the required data during the design process and then manually merge them from different sources. It also takes a lot of time to complete the data promptly for the service technician and to keep it up-to-date.  

We want to discuss the advantages of a spare parts catalog, such as different sources in one system, high flexibility, independence in the administration of the catalog, fast and better processing and a secure investment in the future through continuous development. Afterwards we would like to give you the opportunity to look into our customer’s experience.

Different sources are no problem for us

Your data is maintained in different systems and difficult to find? Don't worry!

A spare parts catalog takes all your data and becomes the single source of truth.


The spare parts catalog consolidates and structures the data of the individual source systems in a data pool. The data is linked bidirectionally. So that everything is in one system.

From this system, any media can be accessed. An online e-commerce system for spare parts, accessories and services can be set up, offering you different views of the catalog.

If required, data can also be manually post-processed.

High flexibility


Internet, CD, paper catalogs, USB sticks, tablet, smartphone or intranet.

All this is no longer a problem. You can operate each of these media simply by pressing a button.  

In addition, you can adapt the layout of your catalogs for all these media with just a few mouse clicks. 

Various media for spare parts catalogs

Independence regarding catalog updating and maintenance

As a catalog creator, you will be able to use and customise the catalog system independently and according to your needs after the introduction of such software.

The independence concerns, among other things, the areas

  • Appearance and contents of the catalog
  • Catalog configuration and its modification
  • Catalog variants (e.g. for target groups) and their modification
  • Data Import
  • Hotspot creation


Manual or automated catalog creation

Faster & better

All of the above points inevitably lead to the fact that you as a catalog producer can create and publish catalogs in a very short time and with much less effort.

Together with us you can optimize the process according to your requirements. We minimize the time needed to create catalogs and you will be able to create them in the future as error-free as possible without manual input and revision of data from one source for all media and languages.

Free brochure: In the twinkling of an eye to the professional spare parts catalog

You want to know how to create catalogs easily?

Find out how our service information system can save you valuable resources and time in the creation of spare parts catalogs. Concentrate on the actual focus of your work.

Our spare parts catalog system takes care of everything else for you.

Download brochure

Test our digital spare parts catalog now

We are pleased to present a product demo that shows you how you can benefit from our software. Experience how you can find and order spare parts with minimal effort.

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