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Get Closer To Your Customer


Better connection to customers

Nowadays customer behaviour and expectations are rapidly changing. Especially while technology is having more and more of a dominant role.

Within that, big-picture puzzle of transforming towards a solution provider the parts business is only one piece, but it is one with great potential to getting closer to your customers.

Today one of the biggest technological innovation that is affecting the spare parts operations is e-commerce. It has become a necessity for small and large enterprises to be able to sell parts online to customers all over the world.

Therefore, we would like to help you to get closer to your customers and their needs.

Customer proximity

How to satisfy your customers in after sales

For many manufacturing companies, producing industrial products for business-to-business customers, delivering spare parts on time is key to achieve customer satisfaction and for long-term business growth. Companies face the risk of losing business if they are not able to deliver the spare parts on time. Delivering spare parts on time can be achieved either by keeping inventories, leading to blocked working capital or by developing modular products and a responsive supply chain. Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies are opening up possibilities for such manufacturers to produce low volume parts with uncertain demand within the required lead times. But, companies lack the expertise to identify the right parts causing unnecessary deliveries and hotline effort. To produce relief, by using an interactive spare parts catalogue identifying spare parts has never been easier and faster!

How do I benefit from standard technologies like e-commerce and interactive spare parts catalogues?

Standard technologies, like e-commerce or interactive spare parts catalogues improve the linking of your data. In doing so, your after sales service will be optimised on short and long term. For example, the spare parts catalogue software enables manufacturers and operators of machines, equipment or plants of all industrial branches to professionally provide, distribute and update spare part and service information.

You can easier identify and find your parts faster with an interactive spare parts catalogue. It allows at once a simplified and faster process for spare parts orders, accelerated delivery and prevention of incorrect orders. In addition, the catalogue is available 24/7, which strengthens the customer relationship and stimulates the turnover.

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