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In 4 Steps to Your Spare Parts Catalog


In 4 steps to a spare parts catalog

Up to now, the creation of a spare parts catalog has involved a lot of effort for you? It costs a lot of time, resources and your nerves? That is over now! With the software solution from Quanos Service Solutions you can create your spare parts catalog in 4 steps!

Step 1: Providing data

The first step is to provide your service-relevant data.

Your data is not yet optimal? No problem. With our comprehensive tool set, normalizing, structuring and preparing your data is a breeze.

Step 2: Processing data

You can now create your spare parts catalog manually or fully automatically.

When you create it manually, your imported data is automatically inserted into the standard template. You can add further information or perform manual post-processing. If you choose the automated version, the system handles the catalog creation for you.

Manual or automated catalog creation

Step 3: Quality assurance

Various quality assurance mechanisms ensure that your catalog meets your quality requirements. For example, use the catalog preview according to the WYSIWYG principle and check whether it meets your requirements.

Quality assurance by checking the catalog

Step 4: Publishing the spare parts catalog

Now you are ready to publish your spare parts catalog. Select the desired publication: online, offline (USB/CD) or paper. Your data will be published in any medium, without extra effort.

The result: satisfied customers

Optimize your after-sales service and service management. Enable your customers to identify required parts in the catalog interactively, quickly and accurately. The result: satisfied customers who are happy about the direct search for required spare parts, further information on accessories and equipment, a wide range of products, the high quality of original spare parts, easy ordering and fast delivery. Ideally, users can access the digital spare parts catalog or web store via browser and mobile devices.

Would you like to know more?

Then download our brochure on catalog creation and learn how you can easily create interactive spare parts catalogs and publish them in various media. 

Download brochure

You have doubts whether it is possible to create a spare parts catalog in 4 steps?

Make an appointment with our International Sales Managers and let them convince you!

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