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Never Again Wrong Orders - Finding Made Easy!


Maintenance manager finds right order

Another wrong order? And your search for the required information had already taken an eternity?

Today we tell you how, thanks to our spare parts catalog system, you can find the machine you are looking for and the corresponding spare parts available with just a few mouse clicks, thereby massively reducing incorrect orders.

It is always the same

Is that familiar to you? A customer calls you and tries to describe his defective machine. And begins to explain which spare part is needed to repair the damage. You will then search your folders and lists for the available spare parts and try to identify the correct part.

Do you recognize yourself here? Then you know there are many more difficulties. You may not be able to accurately identify the machine, or the available lists may not be up to date. In addition, this process takes a long time and in the end it cannot be guaranteed that the exact spare part required by the customer has been found. The end of the song: misunderstandings and dissatisfaction on both sides.

This does not have to be the case!

Save time - avoid wrong orders

With an interactive catalog system, you not only save time, you also reduce wrong orders and effort on the service hotline.
Thanks to access to current data and all service information about your machine, your service technician does not lose any more time. Data is maintained, managed and updated in a central system. This means that the service technician no longer has to search for the required information in different systems or call your service hotline.

Data silos are avoided by a spare parts catalog

Our software offers you a clear display of all catalogue information and various search options. With the help of navigation through a clear tree structure with graphical support, you can access the information you need with just a few clicks. This specific search leads to a fast and accurate finding and identification of the parts.
The interactive service information system combines the specialist knowledge, lists and folders in a tool that provides you with up-to-date and clearly arranged information so that you and your company have satisfied employees and customers. With the catalogue system you can find your part quickly and accurately at any time! No doubt about it. 

Finding made easy


Identify every part right, thanks to:

  • 2D / 3D graphics
  • Navigation via hotspots
  • Bidirectional linking between every information

Online demo


Despite a long search, the wrong spare part is often ordered.

The service technician identifies only from various lists of spare parts that are not assigned to a machine in a structured manner or have unknown designations. Graphics are also outdated, incomplete, or not available at all. This leads to incorrect orders, unnecessary calls to the service hotline and thus to a delayed service process.

With our catalogue system you can immediately see the visual representation of the machine, assembly or spare part. These representations can be 2D drawings, 3D models, photos, illustrations, preview images or even animations. This enables you and your service technician to directly compare the real machine, assembly or spare parts with the catalogue information.

Robot arm with hotspots for identification of spare parts

Thus your service technician, as well as customer, is able to find the required spare part within seconds in the simplest way. The linked parts list guarantees clear identification.

Hotspots highlight the position numbers or entire contours of 2D graphics.

  • This allows your service technician or customer not only to visually identify, but also to navigate
  • Bi-directional linking of all information - the selected part is displayed in the parts list
  •  The service technician or customer is provided with additional information that goes beyond the contents of the parts lists, drawings and documentation.

Navigate accurately


Navigate easily to your information:

  • Structured presentation of all information
  • Reduction to the essentials
  • For more detailed information under selection

You want to find a spare part or specific information about an assembly / machine? The catalog system allows you to access the catalog by serial number, machine type, components or other order criteria. The individually selected introduction reduces the complete catalogue content to the information relevant for you, e.g. a specific machine.

You, your service technician or customer can navigate to the required information via the tree structure. In combination with the dynamic parts list, the tree displays all contents of the catalog in a clear and orderly manner. In this way, the spare part, service document or circuit diagram can be identified with just a few clicks.

In addition, your service technician and customers will see additional information beyond the contents of the parts lists, drawings and documentation. This facilitates accurate and simple identification.

Online demo

Maintenance manager

Search correctly


Use the various search options:

  • full index search
  • specific search or in the complete catalogue content
  • search in documents and schematics

Get to the result quickly and without detours. If you have difficulties to find your desired part, the catalogue system offers you extensive search options. Specify your search and narrow down the search results at any time so that you always get exact results.

The intelligent search makes it possible to search in parts or across all information in the spare parts catalogue. It not only indexes the name, title or name, but also the complete content, e.g. a maintenance or operating manual. This means that your service technician does not need to have any knowledge of the structures and composition of the catalogue content.

Your service technician receives the search result in a list with further information such as descriptive text, drawing preview, part or serial numbers. This enables your service technician or customer to find the required information within seconds.

This could be you!


20 % less incorrect orders

With the use of PARTS-PUBLISHER, a vehicle manufacturer was able to record a decrease of approx. 20 % in incorrect orders.

30 % Less calls

With the use of PARTS-PUBLISHER, the manufacturer was able to record a decrease of approx. 30% in calls to the hotline, as the customer can now place the orders on his own.

30% Less time effort

With the catalogue system, the sales time for a device manufacturer could be reduced by 30 %.

Success stories from the field

Learn how other companies have solved these and other problems!

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