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Retrofit: Turning Old Into New



Very often, old machines are far from being old-fashioned. Often, there is simply a lack of modern control systems or sensors to breathe new life into an old, proven production line. Manufacturers often build on proven fundamental designs again and again over decades, so it is possible to bring an old machine up to date with new components and thus make it productive again. Retrofit has therefore become a lucrative business.

What happens during retrofit?

In retrofitting, machines are not only overhauled - i.e. wear parts are replaced - but modernized at the same time. The goal is therefore not the original new condition, but a more modern version of the existing machine. Typical retrofit changes include a new control system, automation or more powerful drives.
Retrofit always involves changes to the machine that require documentation. Finally, the parts list changes and with it the list of suitable spare parts. A service technician who leaves for the customer optimally prepared can take the appropriate spare parts with him with the help of an updated parts list.
Read more about how to optimize your service processes and increase your spare parts business with up-to-date service information.Retrofit of a machine

A look through " digitalization glasses”

If you look at a retrofit through " digitalization glasses", the digital twin of the plant and thus also the Digital Information Twin changes - new assemblies require modified operation, new operating instructions, and service documents. With the help of suitable software, the documentation and the digital spare parts catalog are automatically updated as well when the changes to the machine are entered into the digital model of the machine.

Conclusion: Retrofit requires an update of digital service information

Retrofit means bringing old machines up to a new standard. In doing so, not only the plant itself should be taken into account, but also the associated documents and information.
Keep your service documents and spare parts information up to date, too!

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