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Security in 3D Spare Parts Catalogs - 4 Key Principles


Security in 3D spare parts catalogs

Germany's machine and plant manufacturers are known and appreciated worldwide for the high quality of their products. Important safety aspects must be considered to protect this outstanding development and engineering achievements.

This also applies to the 3D spare parts catalog and service information system.

In this article, we present the options for extensively protecting your 3D data in the digital spare parts catalog and service information system.


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There are basically four principles to protect product data in the 3D spare parts catalog: Restricting access, modifying geometries, cleaning metadata, and server-side loading.

1) Access restriction

On the one hand access is restricted via APIs, and on the other hand via a flexible rights and roles concept that allows individual user groups access only the information they require in varying degrees of detail. In addition, the functionalities of the digital 3D spare parts catalog can be restricted so that, for example, measuring of components is not possible for certain user roles. It is also possible to provide the 3D models in your digital spare parts catalog or service information system with copyright information, expiration date and password protection.

Security in 3D spare parts catalogs

2) Modification of geometries

In addition to restricting access, it is recommended to modify the geometries of the 3D models to protect your intellectual property from imitation. For this purpose, there are several tools that offer various functions.

If 3D models are distorted, simplified, or alienated - ideally randomly - your products remain recognizable in their basic structures, but the exact geometries, dimensions of edges and curves, and other details are no longer visible. This scaling or alienation can be automated so that no manual effort is required here. Color data can also be removed in this process.

3D spare part catalog

The generation of polygon-based images is another way to make 3D models not completely visible. The original product or component is not fully represented; only an approximation of its shape is made. Typically, these graphics are mapped in black and white, preventing information about the color design from being apparent. In addition, the topology of polygon-based illustrations can be understood only to a certain percentage.

Internal parts, invisible objects or drill holes can also be deleted automatically. In this way, important mechanical data can be protected while the user of the 3D spare parts catalog still sees the outer shell of the assembly or product. For example, the engine of a vehicle is still recognizable, but the assemblies and parts installed in it remain hidden.

3) Metadata cleanup

Reducing or cleaning metadata is a good way to increase the performance of the 3D spare parts catalog. It also allows you to reveal less detailed information about your products and further protect them.

4) Server-side loading of the 3D data

Furthermore, there are tools that enable server-side loading of your 3D data in the digital spare parts catalog or service information system. This means that the actual 3D data remains on your servers. The users of your digital spare parts catalog or service information system load 2D graphics of your 3D models within a very short time and with high performance - independent of browser, device and platform. For the viewer, this difference is not apparent. However, your data is protected from imitation, as it is not loaded on the client side.

Conclusion: Protect your valuable data now!

Usually, various security measures are combined. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information and jointly develop the overall concept that is right for you.

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