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Solving Challenges With a Service Information System


Service Information System

Every company approaches the subject of interactive spare parts catalogs differently. They set priorities, consider requirements and functions to support the current business in a targeted manner and then compare them with the products of different suppliers. The problem is, you can't find an answer to all the questions.

We would like to help you answer the most frequently asked questions in advance.

1. The challenge: Identification of the right spare parts

Identify required spare parts

Identification of parts

Do you also have requirements for part identification?

  • Choice of the right machine/device/vehicle/… in the current state of construction
  •  Selection of the right spare part or rather from alternative parts
  • The correct service/maintance information for the machine/ assembly/ spare part
  • And more? Or does it just take too long?

The solution:

With our service information system, you can find the required spare part faster and receive comprehensive information about the part you are looking for. Through a clear representation and various search possibilities, you will find the required parts quickly and accurately.


Bundling, completeness and up-to-date information

Your requirements are based on bundling, completeness and up-to-dateness of spare parts and service information? You need to merge the spare parts and service information from multiple systems?

The solution:

We offer you a system, integrated with your backend systems, from which you can create all catalogs for each machine/device/vehicle/... and keep them up-to-date 24/7. The open system architecture of our software makes it possible to transfer the essential data from your systems, to bundle them, to link them semi- or fully automatically, to update them at any time and to provide them to your target group.

2.The challenge: The effort to create spare parts catalogs correctly and quickly is too high!

Inconsistent data sources as a problem

Manual data merging and missing quality control

You need to merge data from different sources manually, or you need to re-create some of it? Graphics and data cannot yet be transferred from legacy systems such as CAD or ERP? You only see the catalogue after the publication of the media, but want to check and correct data in advance to be more efficient? Do you want to create the different catalogs from a single source (single source publishing) depending on the medium and language? Do you want to transfer data and graphics automatically and optimize the process of catalog creation?

The solution:

Our service information system offers you an interactive editorial environment:

  • Editorial changes immediately viewable (WYSIWYG) and publishable
  • Configuration changes immediately visible(WYSIWYG) and publishable
  • The presentation of the parts list information is fully configurable
  • Including graphical symbols in the parts list
  • "Flyer" technology for more information regarding hotspots and parts lists lines
  • Programming interface for customer-specific expansions
  • Create catalog data only once and publish it in every media (CD/DVD/USB, Internet/Intranet, Smartphone & Tablets and Print)

Your advantages: Optimized processes for catalog creation

  • Standardized data import
  • Effective catalog creation (configuration, layout, linking of data and media production by mouse click, print on demand)
  • Media-neutral data retention, Single Source Publishing (all the media from one source)

3. Your Challenge: Your spare parts catalog should be based on one system

One system for all users


Your spare parts catalog should be based on a system which:

  • Is a standard tool with many interfaces
  • Can be automated as far as possible
  • Enables you to reduce resource consumption to a minimum
  • A system that can easily be integrated in your existing IT landscape
  • Integrates and processes all the data you need from your current systems

The solution:

Generate spare parts catalogs thanks to standard interfaces directly from the ERP or PLM system

  • Coupling of the spare parts orders system with the merchandise management system
  • Web services for the supply of third-party systems
  • Create spare parts catalogs directly from CAD or ECAD systems
  • Transfer documents automatically from the DMS/PIM system to the catalog system
  • Structured export of catalog data


Integrated solutions save time and money

  • Improved process consistency
  • Avoiding duplication of work, information and media gaps
  • No redundancies
  • Can be completely automated

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