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PARTS-PUBLISHER 7 – New Look & Feel



With version 7 of PARTS-PUBLISHER Docware brings a new look & feel to the world of spare parts catalogues at the end of the year.

No matter which mobile device, no matter if laptop, tablet or smartphone, no matter which display size, no matter if keyboard, mouse or touch –  the surface of PARTS-PUBLISHER adapts responsively to the conditions.

For easier spare parts identification and ordering

Thanks to the intuitive operating concept, your user will find the desired spare parts even faster and easier. The modern and consistent design ensures that all service information is presented in a compact and clear manner. Your user can now order spare parts even more easily in a workflow-guided shopping basket.

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One interface for all devices and operating concepts


With the new version 7 of PARTS-PUBLISHER you get our standard technology in a new and modern design. A user experience as you are used to from your everyday life.

The world keeps spinning, technology develops, the market and the common end devices are in a constant state of change. Smartphones and tablets have arrived at work because they are practical and easy to use.

PARTS-PUBLISHER 7 blurs the boundaries between PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The new PARTS-PUBLISHER interface adapts responsively to all conditions.

No matter which mobile device, no matter if laptop, tablet or smartphone, no matter which display size, no matter if keyboard, mouse or touch, the PARTS-PUBLISHER interface is always easy to use.
That means for you - no rethinking, the catalogue is the same on all devices and can be operated intuitively. PARTS-PUBLISHER thinks intelligently and is completely geared to user requirements.

This means that there are no limits to your equipment landscape. Spare part identification and ordering is now device-independent.

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Spare part identification and ordering even easier thanks to new user interface design


Easier identification - navigate faster, find easier

PARTS-PUBLISHER 7 is not only responsive depending on the device type and operating concept, but has also been given a completely new user interface design to make its use even easier, faster and more intuitive for the user. Packaged in a modern and interactive design, the user-friendliness of the spare parts catalogue has been optimised.

Thanks to the structured, compact presentation of all information, the user finds his way around immediately. It is obvious at a glance in which machine he is and in which structure this is suspended. This facilitates orientation and thus accelerates the identification of spare parts. Thanks to the new navigation, he has arrived at the right part with just a few clicks.

The new interface now also offers more interaction possibilities for the users. They can hide the navigation, display the parts list in detail below the drawing or arrange it to the right of the drawing in a compact variant - everything is possible. The activation buttons for additional information have been moved to the point at which they cause a change. So the user does not have to search long for the desired function.

The new user interface was developed with the clear aim of providing the user with optimum support for spare part identification and making it as simple as possible for him.

Fast and uncomplicated ordering through workflow

PARTS-PUBLISHER 7 has also received an optimised shopping basket in the course of the new surface. Here, too, the aim was to make the ordering process easier for the user and thus to ensure faster order processing.

The new shopping basket offers the possibility to define different order steps, which are necessary for the conclusion of an order or inquiry. The user is guided through the different steps by so-called call-to-action buttons. In each step, the user retains an overview of the order details and shopping basket contents.

The linear workflow avoids aborts of orders or inquiries.

A preview


Experience PARTS-PUBLISHER 7 for yourself. Test the new interface on all your end devices and convince yourself of the intuitive and user-friendly operating concept. Find all information in the usual positions, compact and structured.

But don't worry, all standard functions are still included.

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Do you have any questions or would like more information about PARTS-PUBLISHER 7?

Please contact us.

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